Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania - maybe something interesting can come out of this

Winner still undecided. Looks closer than I had predicted though.

Interesting thing from CNN exit polls:
Obama won those who never go to church and those who go more than once a week. Clinton won the moderate - once a week to once a month churchgoers. Sarcasm: Can Obama unite the highly religious and highly secular against the moderate middle?

Another thing:
Among voters who said gender was important in picking a candidate, 70% went for Hillary. I know its an exit poll, and I know people lie. But this is a much larger margin than any random act of lying could create. We've heard all the arguments about people not wanting a woman CiC because she'd get hormonal, or that women are weaker or less decisive. Apparently, the real gender aspect works the other direction. Maybe a longer analysis later.
(only 21% said gender mattered to them; those who didn't care nearly split between Clinton and Obama)

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