Friday, August 15, 2008

Black is white, up is down, Francis Fukuyama...isn't a Neocon?

What is going on in this world? An OG of Neocon theory (possibly partnered with Samuel Huntington for this title) and author of a book titled "The End of History and the Last Man," a very 1990s democracy/triumphalism/USA-as-world-police idea, has written, in the Wall Street Journal:

"Iraq may be stable but the war was a mistake"

Fukuyama seems to be good with provocative titles, but his op-ed is nuanced. Here's the money quote, coming from such a respectable voice supposedly in the community of war-supporters:

By invading Iraq in the manner it did, the U.S.
exacerbated all of the threats it faced prior to 2003. Recruitment into
terrorist cells shot up all over the world. North Korea and Iran
accelerated their development of nuclear weapons.
Indeed, Iran has emerged as the dominant regional power in the Persian Gulf once the U.S. removed its major rival from the scene...

Ouch! Those fight-em-over-there-so-we-don't-have-to-fight-em-over-here war supporters must be hurting.


Anonymous said...

I find it curious you labeled this under "fun." You did a great job finding and sharing that info with us.

oil for blood

Anonymous said...

oh, so occasionally those neocon's actually examine themselves and their "leaders" and the world around them, and stop pretending they've never made mistakes. Their headlong ill conceived "blunders" into war have killed so many people

the young people in the world must begin to correct what their elders have wrought and work for peace among all nations

Up is Up, only way we can go.

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.