Wednesday, May 7, 2008


For those about to use Barack Obama's middle name in referring to him, I ask this question: Do you really think that people don't know what you mean when you say it?

Sure, some people are called by their full names. However these people are rare, usually just use an initial and choose to present themselves that way. For example, we don't talk about John Sidney McCain. It is not conventional to use the middle name. Using it means something, and those about to use it know what it means.

It's coded language. It carries baggage - the Obama is a secret Muslim, or that he has been tainted by his Muslim heritage. Yes, it is his name. It is not automatically illegitimate to use it. But it is no more normal to say it with emphasis than it is for someone to call McCain "Sidney" exclusively. So when you shrug your shoulders and say, "What am I doing wrong by saying Obama's name?" I must ask, do you really think people don't know. The people you're speaking to know what it means, and so do I. You know. You're not saying it because you like middle names. You want to character-assassinate Obama.

I think that politicians should be judged on their policies and character. Obama's name is not part of that. Maybe his friendship with Rev. Wright is. But then again, so is McCain's personal life. I'm tired of politics motivated by anger. I'm tired of win-at-all costs races where party affiliation matters more than policies. Most of America is tired too.

Thus ends my rant. If you want to feign ignorance about what 'Hussein' means, then I expect you to actually be that stupid in real life. If you're not, I will not allow you to get away with it.

PS: the name 'Barack' is an Arabized version of the Hebrew 'Baruch' - which means 'blessed'. Baruch is a common biblical name, and there is a non-canonical Old Testament Book of Baruch. Buraq (pronounced similarly) is a creepy flying horse with a human head that carries Muhammad to heaven during the Night Journey. When I say creepy, I mean it.

This is how Buraq is depicted:


Anonymous said...

i just hated it when those right-wing radio commentators were using the hussein middle name with such inflection in their voices, then pretending...what, i didn't do anything? this is who they are, a tactic they use frequently. i wonder if they even know right from wrong anymore, or have they convinced themselves they are "fair and accurate."

a person who agrees with you

Anonymous said...

middle names have very little meaning. they are used by assassins (lee harvey oswald,james earl ray,mark david chapman, etc)and country western singers all named billy ray *&%#@$.

billy bob(bob is my last name)

TeaLuvR said...

His middle name is Hussein but, does Senator Obama offer $10 teabags?